About ASUM

Mission Statement

2012-2013 Senate

The Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) provides services to enhance the student experience, advocates for the rights of all University of Montana (UM) students as a unified body, and builds a system of trust and transparency among students, faculty, and staff. ASUM works to benefit the diverse UM student population and address their concerns. ASUM informs and connects the student body and the greater community at the local, state, and national level through agency services, student group support, and community outreach.

Vision Statement

With innovative agencies and services, The Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) will continue to unify, empower, and inform the university community while advocating for all University of Montana (UM) students’ right to an enhanced higher education experience.

Core Values

  • Advocacy
  • Community
  • Diligence
  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Transparency

The Associated Students of The University of Montana

ASUM is the student government for The University of Montana-Missoula campuses. ASUM is recognized as the representative voice for UM students and is administered by 3 executive offices (President, Vice President, and Business Manager) as well as a 26-member senate elected each spring for a one-year term. This body meets on a weekly basis to discuss student issues and is governed by the ASUM Constitution, Bylaws, House Rules, Personnel, and Fiscal Policies.

By paying the ASUM activity fee every semester, students are entitled to a number of different programs and services administered by ASUM and its agencies. These include the Off-Campus Renter Center (which provides mediation and advice dealing with tenant/landlord disputes), ASUM Legal services, the Sustainability Center, ASUM Childcare, access to ASUM Transportation services such as bike purchase loans, bike check-outs, and shuttles to and from campus, and reduced rates (when available) to UM Production events.

One of the primary functions of ASUM is the annual allocation of over $500,000 in funds to student clubs, organizations and services collected through the student activity fee. In order to be eligible for funds, a student group must submit a request with 10 valid student signatures, governing documents, and be approved by the Senate. These ASUM-recognized groups represent a wide variety of academic, pre-professional, political, spiritual and sports clubs, and UM student publications. Currently there are nearly 200 ASUM-recognized clubs and organizations, of which approximately three-fourths are receiving direct funding from ASUM. A complete list of ASUM-recognized clubs and organizations (with contact emails) for your participation is available by visiting our Student Group page.

ASUM participates in a number of different University committees including Sustainable Campus Committee, University Center Board, Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee, and University Court. Student participation is an important part of this institution and ASUM strives to involve both elected senators and students from the general population who are interested in various issues. If you would like to be considered for a Student-At-Large position, please fill out an application found at our office in UC 104 or go here.

ASUM also coordinates activity within over 35 student and University committees involving the participation of approximately 125 students. A sampling of the committee system includes the ASUM Board on Budget and Finance, UC Board (which oversees the University Center), Constitutional Review Board, Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee, Campus Development, Publications Board, and the ASUM Student Political Action Committee. Each committee varies in time commitment and objective and allows students the opportunity to gain valuable educational and practical experience.

ASUM is your student government, and through it you can play an active role in what happens on campus. ASUM is an organized, effective student government that offers a variety of opportunities for enhancing ones university education. If you are interested in finding out more about ASUM or would like to become involved, you are invited to stop by the ASUM offices located in the University Center, Room 104, or phone 243-2451 or 243-ASUM. We look forward to hearing from you!