Vincent Tarallo

ASUM Senator

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Vincent  Tarallo

Personal Summary

Hello U of M! I am one of your senators for the 2019-2020 term. Originally from Melrose Park, just outside of Chicago, I came to UM not only to take advantage of their wonderful programs but to get a change from the city-suburb life I've known for 18 years. When I graduated high school my one regret was that I hadn't been more involved in student life. I vowed not to make that mistake again. As somebody who's always been interested in politics, I was immediately drawn to ASUM. My freshman year I was put on the Resolutions and Affairs commitee as a Student at Large. I enjoyed my time as an S.A.L but knew I wanted to have a bigger roll. I began brainstorming my campaign and when voting season came I ran a vigorous and aggressive campaign where I promised to make REAL change come to UM by helping institute a vibrant and lively student government. As your senator intend to stay true to that promise and try my best to deliver the best results possible for the students of U of M! I look forward to working for and with you all in the coming year. After my undergrad work I hope to go to law school and become a lawyer in Chicago. After that I'd like to enter politics. Go Griz!


St. Patrick High School Sophomore at University of Montana

Field of Study

Political Science and Business


As a big film geek I love investing my time in any movie stuff possible. I love going to the mobied, talking about films, and writing my own scripts whenever I feel inspire. If you haven't already guessed I also love anything politics. You show me a political debate or study and you've shown me a good time. Finally, I love going to the gym with my friends and getting in a few good rounds with the punching bag.