Adrianna Medina

ASUM Senator

Contact Information

Adrianna  Medina

Personal Summary

Howdy! My name is Adrianna Medina and I am excited to serve as an ASUM Senator for the 2020 Spring Semester! I was born in Frenso, California but raised in Austin, Texas (just about the opposite climate of Missoula). I chose to attend The University of Montana because of the outstanding Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management department, the vibrant community of Missoula, the never ending opportunities that UM offers their students, the Grizzly Marching Band (I play the tenor sax), and the breathtaking scenery.

A few sily things to note: I prefer Cheez-Itz > Goldfish, Mountains > Beach, dogs AND cats, and I am very passionate about sunflowers and the color yellow.

On the weekends you will find me: on the oval reading, hammocking, hiking the M, or biking.

Please stop by my office hours or email me to schedule a meeting if you need anything ranging from a lunch buddy to discussing an idea to further postive change on campus. 






East View High School, Graduated 2017

University of Montana, Currently Enrolled

Field of Study

Bachelor in Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management

Certificate in Northern Rockies Outdoor Leadership


I enjoy anything that involves the outdoors! I absolutely love to hike, bike, skateboard, bird watch, hammock, perform in a "light jog" because I am not a fan of running, and collaborate with other students on projects! I also play the saxophone in the Grizzly Marching Band and the Grizzly Pep Band!