Research and Creative Scholarship Fund - Experiential Learning Fund FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I apply with/as a group?

A1: Group applications will no longer be considered. The group must submit their applications as individuals, with separate materials for each applicant. Please indicate in your cover letter that you are working with other applicants. Funds are awarded based on individual application quality, which means certain group members may receive funding from RCSF while others do not.

Q2: Part or all of my application won't be ready by the deadline. Can I have an extension?

A2: No extensions or late application materials will be accepted. This is part of the learning experience with asking for grants that the fund was based on. Our deadlines are set, and our allocation dates have been published for a substantial amount of time. Prepare early to complete your application on time!

Q3: I have submitted my application materials and my project is starting soon. When will I hear back about the status of my application?

A3: The committee usually meets and makes decisions two weeks after the deadline for applications. Once we have met, it should be a quick turnaround (1-2 days) to get award information out. In the past, there have been complications at both phases that have delayed the notification process and for this reason, we cannot give any exact dates for when you will hear back from us. We promise we are working as hard as we can to expedite the process so that you can hear back about your application.

Q4: I have applied before, am I allowed to apply again?

A4: As long as you meet all of the requirements (taking seven or more credits, good academic standing, no holds on your account) and your project begins within the timeframe for the allocation period, you have the right to apply. If you have been funded in the past and are applying for more funding for the same project, the committee will allow your application, but will give a strong preference towards new projects. If you have applied but not been funded or were funded and are applying for a new project, we treat your application just as we would a brand new application.

Q5: My faculty advisor's letter is going to be late, can I have an exception?

A5: We strongly encourage you to get your faculty reference letter completed before the deadline. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their faculty reference is in on time, and therefore no exceptions can be granted. We recommend asking for your faculty reference the week before the application is due so that there are no complications or need for an exception.

Q6: What kinds of projects/experiences does the committee like to fund most?

A6: The committee funds individual projects/experiences based on the quality of the application. We do not make value judgments (such as "This project/experience is more important than that project!") but rather focus on the individual's clarity and adherence to our rubrics. We do not favor any specific types of projects or experiences. We recommend that you closely examine the available rubrics to guide you through your application.

Q7: Is feedback available for my application?

A7: Feedback is available after the review and announcement steps have been completed by the committee. Individual applicants must request feedback in order to receive comments from the committee.

Q8: My project/experience is very important. How can I guarantee funding?

A8: The Research and Creative Scholarship - Experiential Learning Fund Committee cannot guarantee funding for any individual student. All students are given the right to apply, but the right to funding is determined by the merit and strength of the individual application.

Q9: I am graduating and then doing my project right after- can I still apply?

A9: No. Due to possible liability, we cannot support a project after a student has graduates.

Q10: Who serves on the committee?

A10: The Research & Scholarship Committee shall be composed of twelve (12) voting members, of which two (2) will be members of the ASUM Senate, three (3) will be undergraduate students-at-large selected by ASUM, one (1) will be a graduate student-at-large selected by ASUM, three (3) will be graduate students-at-large selected by the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship/The Graduate School, and three (3) will be either faculty or staff selected by the Office of the Provost. We currently only have the three undergraduate students at large seats available. If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in serving on the committee, please email for more information.

Q11: Where do I apply?

A11: Applications should be submitted on the ASUM Website on the Research and Creative Scholarship Fund -Experiential Learning Fund page.