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Introduction to Small Business*
$ 0

*Class is FREE - Special Registration Procedure:  When in Shopping Cart if total Amount is $0, 1) click "Checkout" link, 2) fill in name and contact information and then click "Send" button, and 3) in Payment screen click "Cancel" to complete registration. 
Arguably every business needs a business plan, but who has time? This FREE workshop is designed to get you over the hurdle of getting started on the critical ongoing planning that is essential to business success, without fixating on the creation of a formal document. There will also be a short presentation on how to get some helpful market size information from free government websites.
Instructor: John Schneeberger, Ravalli County Economic Development Authority (RCEDA)

Financial Management
$ 25

Learn the basics of creating and using Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet statements. Also includes how to create financial projections and financial management best practices for small business.
Instructor: Lisa Glenn, Galusha, Higgins & Galusha

Basics of Business Law
$ 25

This class covers several aspects of law including the legal business structures that small businesses assume, reasons why to select each one and what their advantages and disadvantages are. Negotiations, contracts, intellectual property and legal liabilities are explored. Most importantly, advice is given as to where to get legal information and help.
Instructor: Richard A. Weber, PC with extensive experience in small business law

Internet Sales: Affiliate Marketing
$ 25

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based, online marketing tool used to connect businesses with customers via an affiliate website. Businesses reward the affiliate website for customers generated. Affiliate Marketing provides a pathway for online income generation.
Instructor: Annette O'Leary-Coggins. Annette O'Leary-Coggins is an internet marketing expert in lead generation sites focusing on Direct Response e-Mail Campaigns. She has worked with large internet based companies such as Budget Blinds and Artesian Spas writing Sales Copy and SEO Content. Annette currently owns Web Consulting Depot, working with small local businesses advising them on how to improve their own marketing strategies via direct response internet marketing. In addition, Annette has a successful online business with her children's books and has created a beginners e-course on to how to self-publish e-books, and turn them into an online business via a lead generation site.

Explore the basics of spreadsheet functions. Learn short cuts to assist in data entry, how to create formulas and basic formatting. Learn how to print in Excel and how to manage an Excel workbook, cross sheet formulas and viewing multiple sheets. Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge.
Instructor: Lee Tickell, Bitterroot College Business Technology Adjunct Faculty and Certified Microsoft Trainer

A complete overview for setting up your business - chart of accounts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, memorizing reports/transactions, and setting up inventory basics. Will be taught on QuickBooks 2012 (QB 2012), but content applies to earlier versions; instructor can speak on any version. First class will be a primer on essential bookkeeping concepts and terminology along with setting up your business in QB 2012. Prerequisite: basic computer knowledge.
Instructor: Alice Mariana, RCEDA Business Manager

QuickBooks Payroll
$ 25

Learn to properly set up a payroll system in QuickBooks (QB 2012) - create paychecks, pay tax liabilities, and generate payroll forms and reports. Find out how to track employee time, create job cost data, and troubleshoot common problems and mistakes. Prerequisites: basic computer knowledge and basic QuickBooks knowledge.
Instructor: Alice Mariana, RCEDA Business Manager

Computer and Keyboarding Basics
$ 25

What do you need to know about computers for your business, to get a job in today's world or to start college? What can a computer do for you at home? This class is a hands-on, very basic computer operations course covering: using a mouse, navigating through computer screens, creating and managing files, sending and receiving emails, attaching files to emails, and basic internet searching. Also covered are the fundamentals of computer keyboarding by touch with an emphasis on learning the keyboard and building keyboarding accuracy and speed.
Instructor: Lee Tickell, Bitterroot College Business Technology Adjunct Faculty and Certified Microsoft Trainer

Offered intermittently. Preparation of business forms, correspondence, mail merges, columnar projects, and reports using up-to-date software. Business related application projects, graphics, and printer operation are included.
Instructor: Lee Tickell, Bitterroot College Business Technology Adjunct Faculty and Certified Microsoft Trainer