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Introduction to Small Business
$ 0

Arguably every business needs a business plan, but who has time? This FREE workshop is designed to get you over the hurdle of getting started on the critical ongoing planning that is essential to business success, without fixating on the creation of a formal document. There will also be a short presentation on how to get some helpful market size information from free government websites.
Instructor: John Schneeberger, Ravalli County Economic Development Authority (RCEDA)

Financial Management
$ 25

Offered intermittently spring. This course deals with personal financial planning and investments. The course will focus on a variety of personal finance topics including, the time value of money, liquid asset management, federal income and estate taxes, credit cards, consumer loans, automobile purchases, and insurance. The course then looks at long-term investing.

Basics of Business Law
$ 25

Internet Sales: Affiliate Marketing
$ 25

Excel Basics (register by July 21 to receive $10 discount off $90 fee)
$ 80

QuickBooks Payroll
$ 25

Computer and Keyboarding Basics (register by June 9 to recieve $5 discount off $25 fee)
$ 20

Word Basics (register by June 23 to receive $10 discount off $50 fee)
$ 40