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The Health Care Ethics Studies

The National Rural Bioethics Project has conducted a number of research studies that were designed to:

  • identify the bioethics-related issues that develop in rural healthcare settings;

  • identify existing resources that respond to those issues;

  • identify the need for culturally compatible ethics-related resources; and

  • develop, pilot-test and disseminate such resources to rural communities and healthcare settings.

The confluence of findings from the research studies indicate that bioethics-related resources that respond to either organizational or clinical issues are scarce in rural areas. Most rural hospitals report limited access to any ethics-related resources. In addition, most rural healthcare providers have received limited or no formal training in bioethics. Healthcare providers say they want and need resources that help them solve ethical problems that accompany patient care. The specific research studies and key findings from each study can be accessed via the link entitled Ethics Studies located on the side bar.

Photos courtesy of Dudley Dana, Dana Gallery