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Ethics and Environmental Health


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One Book Montana

An Air That Kills: How the Asbestos Poisoning of Libby, Montana Uncovered a National Scandal, By Andrew Schneider, David McCumber
Hardcover, February 2004, Putnam Pub Group

Lean on Me - Cancer Through a Carer's Eyes, By Lorraine Kember

Radium Girls: Women and Industrial Health Reform 1910-1935, By Claudia Clark
Hardcover, Paperback, July 1997, University of North Carolina Press

Libby, Montana: Asbestos & the Deadly Silence of an American Corporation, By Andrea Peacock
Hardcover, June 2003, Johnson Books

Fatal Deception: How Big Business is Still Killing Us with Asbestos, By Michael Bowker
Hardcover, January 2003, Rodale Press; Audio - Abridged, January 2003, Simon & Schuster Audio

Asbestos: Medical and Legal Aspects, By Barry I. Castleman and Stephen L. Berger
Hardcover, 4th ed, June 1996, Panel Publishers

Asbestos in the Schools: A Guide for School Administrators, Teachers and Parents, By Carolyn Harvey and Mark Rollinson
Hardcover, November 1987, Greenwood Publishing Group

Environmental Public Health Policy for Asbestos in Schools Unintended Consequences, By Jacqueline Karnell Corn
Hardcover, September 1999, Lewis Publishers

Magic Mineral to Killer Dust: Turner and Newall and the Asbestos Hazard, By Geoffrey Tweedale, Philip Hansen, Turner & Newall and Turner and Newall Staff
Hardcover, February 2000, Oxford University Press

Children's Books:

Enjoy Your Cells Series, By Fran Balkwill; illustrated by Mic Rolph
Hardcover, Paperback, 2002, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Photos courtesy of Dudley Dana, Dana Gallery