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Fuel Specification

  • Wide range of wood biomass indigenous to Western Montana.
  • Estimated use of 15,624 bone dry tons per year.
  • Forest based slash (tops, limbs, stumpage) and low-market value in-field grindings, commonly known as ‘hog fuel’.
  • Fuel shall be free from non-combustible and non-biomass material, such as paint, nails, glues, chemical, sealers, rocks and dirt. Fuel must not contain treated lumber or construction waste.
  • Technology can accept a wide range of woody biomass fuel and moisture content.

Fuel Source and Delivery

  • Resource base will consist of public and private holdings. All wood fuel is to be obtained in a safe and legal manner.
  • Quality and quantity of woody biomass required for this project is sustainable in an approximate 40 mile radius.
  • Delivery to the campus with approximately 3 truck loads a week.
  • Storage at the heating plant for two days, fuel supplied on a consistent annual basis.

Fuel Costs

  • Secure longer term contracts of five years for woody biomass fuel.
  • Fuel supply contracts will need to account for fluxuation of diesel fuel.
  • Estimated cost for woody biomass fuel is $40/bone dry ton with 2% inflation.
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