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In conjunction with the University of Montana, McKinstry (a full-service design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) firm) has completed a preliminary feasibility study of a biomass fueled combined heat and powerplant (CHP), to be located on the University of Montana's Missoula, Montana campus. The purpose and intent of the preliminary feasiblity study was to determine technical, contractual, economic, financial, or political hurdles needed to be overcome to render the project possible, to determine if there were any current insurmountable concerns, and to outline the next steps required in order to successfully design, build, and operate a CHP.

Bio Mass Plant
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Analysis Titles
At a glance, the 47-page study contains the following major subheadings as well as detailed analysis within each area.

SECTION 1 - Executive Summary
SECTION 2 - Fuel Supply
SECTION 3 - Power Purchase
SECTION 4 - Emmissions/Permitting
SECTION 5 - Project Development
SECTION 6 - Project Financials
SECTION 7 - Appendices

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