Information Technology (IT)

College Programs

Academic development and oversight of all college-credit programs provided by Missoula College UM. All courses taken and certificates/degrees earned through attendance at Bitterroot College UM are accredited through and transcripted by Missoula College UM.

Link to information on Missoula College Information Technology degrees and certificates.

Prerequisite and Requisite Course Flow Chart for Missoula College Information Technology programs.

The majority of coursework for the following college certificates and degrees can be completed by taking face-to-face, live video-streamed, and/or online courses offered through the Bitterroot College (for coursework not available at the Bitterroot College, travel to Missoula is required):

Continuing Education Programs

Important:  Continuing Education programs and courses do NOT require college admissions.

Visit Continuing Education Courses to view list of short courses in computer programming and information technology career exploration.