Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download high-resolution logo files?

Go to Logos under the guideline section of this page to read about appropriate logo use and to download the high resolution files.

How can I use the M-pulse mark?

The M-pulse can be used by itself as a visual mark. However, words or other images are not allowed under the M-pulse. The only exception is reserved for the official UM logo. 

Where can I find the official UM colors?

Go to Colors under the guideline section of this page to find UM’s official color palate. 

What font is recommended for everyday use?

Go to Fonts under the guideline section of this page to find recommended font usage.

Do I capitalize “the” when it comes before University of Montana?

No, the institution’s official name is University of Montana. Do not capitalize “the” before University of Montana unless it is the start of a sentence. Visit UM’s Style Guide for more information. 

Where do I find  letterhead with the new logo?

Download the UM letterhead template here.

UM's official Word document templates are available in maroon or white. The maroon template should be used for all official UM policies and documents. The white template may be used for intradepartmental or other unofficial documents. The white template also may be used for draft versions of official UM documents, for easier printing.

How do I share stories of people thriving at UM?

Email your story and any images to

When I write, do I have to use the word “thrive” to describe the UM experience?

No, you are welcome to use the word “thrive” when it occurs organically and/or naturally in your writing, but you can simply describe what thriving means to you using your own vernacular.

How do I go about ordering an item with a University of Montana trademark on it?

Any product, apparel or non-apparel with any University trademark -- whether it be institutional, athletic or any departmental graphic logo or verbiage -- must come from an officially licensed vendor for the University of Montana. Email our Trademarks and Licensing director at to find a list of approved licensed vendors. More information can be found on our licensing webpage at  

I want to make a product to sell with a University logo or word mark on it. How do I gain permission?

You must gain permission through the Trademarks and Licensing director. Information can be found at or by contacting our licensing director at