Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University rebranding?

Technically, we are not rebranding. We have gone through a brand clarification exercise that allowed us, through exhaustive interviews with all our stakeholder groups, to hone in on what makes the University of Montana special. More than 250 participants told us exactly what they thought and we listened. The result is what you are seeing, hearing and feeling today. Hopefully, it all feels comfortable and authentic to you — much like your favorite pair of hiking boots. If not, please reach out to VP for Enrollment Management and Strategic Communication Cathy Cole. She will be happy to hear what you have to say.

What benefits will the rebrand bring to the University?

Our brand clarification is really all about highlighting what we already know — this is a great place to study, work and play. It just helps us tell the story consistently, authentically and with some common themes. Because when we do all of that, we will reach a broader audience with a message that resonates. It will bring us more students, attract more world-class faculty and staff, reaffirm our connection with our alumni and allow us take everything we do up a notch.

How did the University decide on the new brand?

We threw darts at a chart on the wall. Kidding, we kid. We actually went through an extensive project with an outside firm that involved interviews with more than 250 students, faculty, staff, alumni, community members and donors. We asked them what made the University special. And they told us. They told us a lot. What became apparently clear about five minutes in was that a lot of people love this place for a lot of different reasons. But most everyone could agree on one thing: UM transforms lives and prepares students for the future. After that, it was a short leap to tomorrow proofing and our focus on student success.

Who did the rebrand?

The effort was led by the vice president for Enrollment Management and Strategic Communication and University Marketing. Working with an outside firm, they met with more than 250 stakeholders and created what you are hearing, seeing and feeling today.

When can we start using the new brand?

Yesterday. No, seriously. Yesterday.

What do I do with materials that I have that are in the old brand?

We would encourage you to use them creatively. But use them up. We don’t want you to waste what you already have. If you order anything new, however, please use the new marks.

Are there design services available to us on campus?

Sure! Please contact Kayla Haar, director of University Marketing. She will ensure your project gets completed. Email to reach Kayla.

Is everyone required to follow the new lock-up system?


Can we still use our old logos?


How does this apply to more independent institutes affiliated with UM?

We will work with them on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Kayla Haar, director of University Marketing.

Will this be communicated with alumni or donors who identify with the previous logos?

Yes, we are using the communication channels available to us to these audiences to inform them.

Can we use old logos or create new graphics to put on products and marketing materials?