Brand Guidelines - Printing & Graphic Services

Printing & Graphic Services at the University of Montana is the campus resource for printing and publication services and maintains high quality, visual consistency and cost-effective services available to the University system. The campus facilities are equipped to handle a broad range of jobs, from the simplest short-run offset duplication to more complex projects. In order to accommodate all campuses, departments and individual customers’ needs, Printing & Graphic Services may procure off-campus services when necessary. Nonetheless, all printing requests must be submitted to Printing & Graphic Services, which has the “Right of First Refusal.”

The University of Montana and affiliated campuses must direct all requests for printing to UM Printing & Graphic Services on or accompanied by an Interdepartmental Order. The Customer Service section of Printing & Graphics will assist in planning the projects and arriving at suitable bids. In addition, if Printing & Graphics cannot handle the project, Customer Service will ensure proper audit trails and competitive bidding to obtain the best possible value for the customer and serve as the liaison between the customer and the producing vendor to assure that the bid specifications have been faithfully followed and delivery times maintained.

The Office of Business Services will charge the unit for services attained in violation of this policy.

For additional assistance, call Printing & Graphic Services at 406-243-2711 or email