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FAQ’s for Missoula College building sites


Could the East Broadway site handle the comprehensive mission for Missoula College? Is the site big enough?

The feasibility study completed in summer 2013 was intended to help answer these questions. The site covers 7 acres, and there is adequate building and parking space for current and long-range needs for Missoula College.

Since this building site is along the Clark Fork River, what about the floodplain?

The feasibility study completed in summer 2013 looked into this issue. The floodplain exists on a portion of the site. The new building and site work would be constructed outside of the floodplain. If this site is selected, UM will need to have a new determination completed of the floodplain elevation, and a floodplain elevation certificate would be required for a building permit.

Are there other infrastructure issues?

The feasibility study examined building sewer service, municipal water service, fire suppression service, natural gas service, power and telecommunications service and found no major impediments to building there. The feasibility study also considered a number of other aspects: easements, floodplain, groundwater, soil conditions, bus service, bike lanes, traffic, access, parking, solar orientation, wind opportunities/challenges and emergency access. The full feasibility study can be found here.

What about parking?

The feasibility study took an extensive look at parking. All parking for Missoula College would need to be provided on-site. The current location now has a Park and Ride, and that would need to continue. MonTEC parking also would need to be accommodated. The feasibility study says that the parking area needs to – at a minimum – be able to handle peak traffic generation for the College. The building site also would need to comply with city zoning regulations regarding adequate parking.

The University would need to access property across East Broadway for parking, and has been in conversation with Montana Rail Link and Burlington Northern. We see no impediments to developing parking, should this site be selected.

Current sketches show UM would provide the equivalent of 730 parking spaces. Parking requirements according to the feasibility study, could be met by providing:

  • 430 parking spaces on the East Broadway site
  • 40 shared parking spaces at MonTEC
  • 240 parking spaces across E Broadway on Montana Rail Link property
  • 240 bicycle parking spaces (which amounts to the equivalent of 30 spaces, under city zoning requirements).

Another 120 spaces are proposed on the MRL property to replace the existing Park and Ride facility.


Would the East Broadway site become a parking lot for the Mountain Campus?

The location already has a Park and Ride lot for the Mountain Campus, and the new configuration would include a Park and Ride lot.

What about the traffic on East Broadway? Has the state Highway Department weighed in on this site?

The architect’s feasibility study completed in summer 2013 notes that the Montana Department of Transportation will require a traffic study if the East Broadway site is selected. In 2008, a traffic impact study was completed for the South Campus location, and a trip generation analysis was done for the existing Missoula College facility to determine peak traffic and parking needs. That study will need to be updated for either site so the University has an accurate assessment of traffic and parking impacts.

What kind of capacity for growth did the University consider for this site?

UM has space summaries for Missoula College needs that were developed in 2008. The projections are outdated, so in June 2013, the space summaries were updated by Missoula College administrators. Space needs now reflect current and long-range needs for the college.

If this site is selected, will you put in a pedestrian bridge?

Many people have recommended that a pedestrian bridge be built because it would be a direct connection to the Mountain Campus. Money for the new building would not go toward a pedestrian bridge, if this site is selected; but we would pursue other sources to build one.

Does the site feel as good? It seems like a choice between a parking lot with a building on it at East Broadway, or a campus environment on the South Campus.

The South Campus Master Plan is intended to create an outstanding and traditional campus environment in that location. The University believes that the East Broadway site offers potential for an outstanding location along the river that combines river views with a more urban feel that connects with the downtown corridor.


What remains on South Campus if the Missoula College facility is built there?

At this time, South Campus has athletic facilities (the soccer field and the track), student housing (Lewis and Clark Village), and the golf course, and several more facilities. The original intent was to keep the golf course open to the public, if Missoula College is built there. It’s possible the configuration of several holes would change. The University will need to re-examine these plans if this site is selected.

What about legal questions regarding building on South Campus?

The University’s position is that we have the legal authority we need. The University has conducted extensive legal research – both when the South Campus Master Plan was being developed more than six years ago, and this past year – on the use of the South Campus land. All the deeds turning over the land to the University specify the property is to be used “for the use and benefit” of UM.

Has the controversy about South Campus interfered with raising money?

We’re confident that the public understands the need for Missoula College to gain capacity and to be able to provide a 21st Century facility for a 21st Century education.

What about the South Campus Master Plan?

That master plan will stay in effect and is intended to accommodate future growth of UM.


Why do you want a greater degree of integration between Missoula College and the Mountain Campus?

The two-year college actually has been part of UM since 1994 – for more than two decades. In 1994, the Montana University System was reorganized. Our Missoula two-year program at the time was named the College of Technology and was embedded within UM.

In 2011, the mission for all the two-year colleges in Montana was approved by the Board of Regents. UM’s College of Technology was renamed Missoula College in 2012 as the entire system worked to clarify the important role and presence of two-year education in our state. Missoula College – like all two-year programs – aims to provide a comprehensive, accessible, responsive, student-centered and affordable education. The mission has five tenets:

  • Transfer education (This isn’t an expansion of MC’s mission.)
  • Workforce development (certificates and applied associate’s degrees)
  • Developmental and adult basic education
  • Lifelong learning (We partner with the Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula on this.)
  • Community development

What is the long-term plan for West Campus?

The long-term plan for the West Campus is to update our facilities there. It is our intent to make that campus a top-notch facility and a leader in the industrial technologies. Presently, we are looking at the best way to increase bandwidth for the campus.

What about the Fox site that Mayor Engen proposed?

That was an intriguing proposal and President Engstrom carefully considered it. He spoke with the mayor and others about it, and visited the proposed location. In the end, President Engstrom concluded that the 2 sites under our active consideration at the University would best meet the educational and other needs of Missoula College and UM.


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