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Excerpted from the East Broadway Feasibility Study:
In late June of 2013, Missoula College administrators met to update the Space Summaries that were developed at the end of the 2008 Programming Phase which were used for the 2008 Concept Floor Plans. Since five years have passed and the needs of the Missoula College have changed significantly, it was important to base this site study on a more current set of Space Summaries. In 2008, these Space Summaries were divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2 categories.

For the sake of this site study, the Space Summaries were combined to reflect the full long-range building needs as understood at this point in time. This was done to ensure that the site could accommodate not just Phase 1 but the total long-range needs of the Missoula College. This updating of the combined Space Summaries yielded a net assignable square footage of 101,079 net square feet. Using a goal of 65% for the net-togross ratio, this would yield a total build-out of approximately 155,500 gross square feet. Assuming that all design concepts will be based on a facility that has a full basement plus four floors above grade, this would yield a minimum required building footprint of 31,100 (155,500 divided by 5) for the full build-out to be constructed over several phases. When the actual schematic design process begins, this updated Space Summary will be vetted by the Missoula College, University, State A&E and the Studio- FORMA programming team to determine a Phase 1 Space Summary that can be built for the current budget. The updated combined Space Summary was submitted by the Missoula College as follows:

Proposed Building Components Overview


Traffic Impact Study

The 2008 Traffic Impact Study was prepared using standard traffic engineering techniques to determine the impacts of the proposed development on traffic within the study area. Review it

East Broadway Feasibility Study

In summer 2013, StudioForma Architects conducted a feasibility study of the 1205 East Broadway site for UM  Review it.


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Build Missoula College: Press and Communications

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Build Missoula College: Project Components

A numerical breakdown examining the designated facility spaces and the total square feet assigned to Missoula College.  Review it

Floorplans for Missoula College

The original floorplan schematics for the Missoula College facility which are likely to change in accordance with the final site decision.  Review it

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