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The Four academic departments of the Missoula College include:

  • Department of Applied Computing and Electronics
  • Department of Applied Arts and Sciences 
  • Department of Business Technology 
  • Department of Health Professions. 
Outstanding College - Outstanding Building

Why Missoula College Needs a New Building

  • The Missoula College East Campus was originally built for 700 students. MC enrollment now tops 2,200.
  • In the past 10 years, Missoula College has the highest growth rate of full-time equivalent students of any two-year college in Montana — at 120 percent.
  • The existing Missoula College East Campus facilities are outdated, small and nowhere near what today’s students expect from a UM education.
  • Having students and faculty in temporary trailers, no matter how well constructed by UM students, is unacceptable.
  • MC must be more fully integrated into the University, both for practical reasons of delivering cost-effective services to our students and for maximizing educational opportunities for students and faculty.

 Imagine what this outstanding college could do with an outstanding building.


Build Missoula College: Just the Facts

Questions addressed with quick fact-based answers and detailed explanations.  Review it.

Build Missoula College: Press and Communications

In the News: Press Archive.  Open it.

Build Missoula College: Project Components

A numerical breakdown examining the designated facility spaces and the total square feet assigned to Missoula College.  Review it

Floorplans for Missoula College

The original floorplan schematics for the Missoula College facility which are likely to change in accordance with the final site decision.  Review it

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