Issuance of Emergency Local Checks

PROCEDURE:  Issuance of Emergency Local Checks


The University of Montana is required to issue checks through the State Department of Administration.  In very limited circumstances, an emergency local check may be issued.  Examples identified below.


Emergency checks are written in Business Services on those disbursements that demand immediate payment.  Each request for an emergency check must be clearly marked and include an explanation as to why the check is being requested.  Upon approval from either the Director or Assistant Director of Business Services, the check will be processed immediately.  The University’s revolving account is to be used for purposes demanding immediate payment only, generally for the following limited purposes:

          Foreign bank drafts and international money orders

          Opening of Departmental petty cash and change funds

          Vendor payment problems

          Special circumstance involving student financial aid

          Payroll corrections/reissue

          Employee dispute settlements


  1. Contact Business Services extension 4121 in the Lommasson Center when the situation requires an emergency local check.
  1. Business Services will require a memo outlining the reasons and special circumstances involved with the request for immediate payment.  This memo should also include all accounting information so that Business Services can charge the correct account during processing. 
  1. The memo will be forwarded to the Director or Assistant Director of Business Services for approval. 
  1. Upon approval the information will be entered into Banner and logged in the Manual Check Register. 
The manual check will then be typed, signed, and counter signed.  At that time the check will be issued.  Copies of all pertinent information will be sent to the appropriate department for their records.