Vendor Setup/Maintenance

The University of Montana is pleased to announce a partnership with PaymentWorks.  Through this partnership, PaymentWorks will automate and streamline management of vendor relationships through a cloud-based solution.

Once the vendor has completed the necessary information online, the vendor record will flow into GrizMart and Banner and be available for use in contracts, requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices.  


What vendors need to enroll through PaymentWorks?

Only new vendors (foreign or domestic) need to be enrolled.  Students, employees, or existing active vendors in UM’s systems (GrizMart/Banner) do not need to enroll in PaymentWorks.  

What are the benefits to using PaymentWorks?

PaymentWorks has developed a streamlined way to onboard new vendors.  The process is electronic and has a workflow that will help the University efficiently accomplish what has been a manual process in the past.    PaymentWorks will TIN match the vendor in real time, which will eliminate the need to collect and retain paper W9 forms.  The process will help identify vendors with a conflict of interest or vendors who have met criteria for debarment.  Enhanced controls and fraud prevention are additional benefits.    Vendors will provide information directly and will be prompted with uniform fields in an effort to onboard in the most efficient way possible.         

How do I invite a vendor? 

University staff initiates contact by sending an invitation to the vendor using the link below.   Invitations require single sign-on authentication so must be initiated by an internal UM affiliate.  Vendors must complete the registration form and attest to their information upon receiving an invitation. 

How do I track the status of the invitation?

This video details the process for onboarding a new vendor and tracking the status: 

UM-PaymentWorks Intro-training Video:

UM-PaymentWorks: Slide Deck shown in video. 

Questions about PaymentWorks?  Contact Traci Patino at (406) 243-6329 or