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Direct Deposit Application and Authorization for Accounts Payable
Instructions:   Complete all information. Mail or deliver this form to Attn. Accounts Payable at the address above.
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**IMPORTANT** - If selecting Savings, you must also complete the State of Montana's 1199A form and include your financial institution's certification of the routing number and account number. The form can be found on the State of Montana's website using the following link:
I authorize the University of Montana to deposit my payments or reimbursements check(s) directly to my savings or checking account. It is my responsibility to notify Accounts Payable at 406-243-2516 immediately if I become aware of any changes in status or banking information or if there is a discrepancy between the amount deposited and the payment amount.


IF YOU ARE USING A CHECKING ACCOUNT, PLEASE SECURELY ATTACH A VOIDED CHECK TO THIS FORM. (This check must be imprinted by bank with your name/address)
**The bank routing number may be different for electronic deposits than it is for manual deposits (the number shown on your deposit slip).  If you are using any account type other than a checking account, please verify the correct electronic routing number by calling your financial institution.    Print this form
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