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Your registration bill for Autumn 2012 at The University of Montana will be available July 30 after 1:00 p.m. on CyberBear.  Please log on to CyberBear as soon as possible to view your bill and to pay/finalize electronically.  See our Pay & Finalize Your Bill Video.

Registration bills will be available in CyberBear on July 30 at 1:00 p.m.

August 15

Financial aid students:  Your registration must be paid and/or finalized by August 15, 2012 if you wish to receive your refund by the first week of school.  Failure to pay/finalize will delay your financial aid refund. 

August 29

Classes will be CANCELLED for any student not paid/finalized or ****saved by 4:30 (Griz Central) or Midnight (CyberBear). 

August 30

Classes CANCELLED for students not meeting the August 29 deadline.  A $40.00 late fee will apply to all re-registering, new students registering or students who saved their registration (and have not yet paid/finalized).

September 18

FINAL PAYMENT DEADLINE 4:30 p.m. (Griz Central) or Midnight (CyberBear).


Save Your Pre-Registered Classes from Cancellation for Autumn Semester 2012

From August 13 until August 29, students may log on to CyberBear and click on the “Save my Classes” link to save their classes from cancellation.  If unable to pay by August 29, saved classes are subject to $40.00 late fee.

****The SAVE is good through September 18.  If not paid/finalized by midnight September 18, classes will be cancelled on September 19.**** 

For billing questions, please call Business Services at 243-2223 or email

All Registration deadlines can be viewed in the Official Dates and Deadlines Calendar or by visiting the Registrar’s Office website.


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