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Asset Type Classification Classification of assets by type. Date Created: 10/13/2003 Accessible By: Campus Users
Capital Asset Procedure The treatment/depreciation/financial reporting of capital Assets.
Fixed Asset Adjustments Entering adjustments to a fixed asset record.
Fixed Asset Code Relationship Guide Defines the account relationships between the asset account codes, their related depreciation and expense account codes. Date Created: 10/13/2003 Accessible By: Campus Users
Fixed Asset Master Maintenance Creating fixed asset records.
Location Codes for New Acquisitions Instruction on how to use the location code field in Banner Finance to indicate the location of new capital assets. Date Created: 10/12/2005 Accessible By: Campus Users
Property Management Quick Reference Guide Property Management General Quick Reference Guide. Date Created: 1/15/2009 Accessible By: Campus Users
Recording Write-Off / Gain-Loss on Sale of Fixed Assets This procedure explains how to record the write-off and the gain or loss on the sale of fixed assets. Date Created: 12/2/2004 Accessible By: Campus Users

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