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Simultaneous Registration Refund BOR Policy 305.1 Registration; Simultaneous includes link to request for refund form. Date Created: 11/8/2005 Accessible By: Campus Users
Student Refund Process Refund checks processed weekly for student, vendor and contractor accounts with credit balances. Date Created: 1/12/2005 Accessible By: Missoula Internal Users
Student Refund Warrant Look-up and Assistance How to help a Student who has not received their refund. Date Created: 12/3/2008 Accessible By: Missoula Internal Users
Student Withdrawal Process Tuition and Fee Adjustments Processing due to Withdrawal. Refund of tuition and fees. Return of Federal Financial Aid. Date Created: 3/1/2007 Accessible By: Central Office Users
Summer Refund Dates How to set Summer Refund Dates. Date Created: 4/17/2009 Accessible By: Missoula Internal Users
Withdrawals vs. Drops This quick reference guide distinguishes a withdrawal vs. a drop. Date Created: 11/19/2008 Accessible By: Missoula Internal Users

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