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How take advantage of preferred vendor pricing for Mail Preparation Services

Infrequent usage:

1. Secure a quote from either Town Mailer (Contract # CMV00011) or the Directory (Contract #CMV00010) for your specific job

               - Click here for The Directory Contract and Pricing

               - Click here for the Town Mailer Contract and Pricing

2. Complete the Contract Services form in GrizMart (General Section & Section 1)

                - under term contract #, list the applicable contract # above)

                - Term Contract Type is other

                - specific type is "UM"

Frequent Usage:

1. Complete the Standing Purchase Order Request Form in GrizMart. A Standing Purchase Order is intended for the purchase of repetitive, specified services or items, or categories of items, from the same vendor over periods of up to one year, or on a monthly basis.


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