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  • When Will I Receive My 1098-T?

1098-T forms will be mailed by January 31 to qualifying students’ permanent addresses.  To update or verify your permanent address on file with the University, go to Cyberbear

1098-T form are now available online as well.  Instead of waiting for your form to arrive in the elmail, access a copy of your 1098-T form online through Cyberbear.

  • How Do I Access my 1098-T Online?

1) Login to your  Cyberbear account at:  Insert our Link here

2) Under the Enterprise Menu on the left side, click Campus Finance

3) Choose View My 1098-T

Why Didn’t I Receive a 1098-T?

There are several possibilities:

1) You attended UM in Spring of last year, but you had enrolled and been billed in the prior calendar year, meaning the information was included in last year’s 1098-T.

2) The IRS does not require UM to send you one if your scholarship and aid exceeded the billed amount.

3) We do not have a valid permanent address on file for you.  To update your address, go under the Personal Portfolio section of  add Cyberbear link here

4) You are classified as a non-resident alien.

Please check online in Cyberbear under Campus Finance to reprint a 1098-T if none is received in the mail. 

  • How Do I Find the Amount I Paid Last Year?

Since this information does not appear on your 1098-T, you should reference your Account Summary pages for all terms in Add Cyberbear link Here to find records of payments.  You may also need to reference canceled checks, bank statements, or credit card statements to find these records. 

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