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The Nature Of The West

About Camas

Our Vision

Camas aims to cultivate novel ideas and perspectives while remaining rooted in the inherited traditions of art and literature of the American West.  Founded by Environmental Studies graduate students at the University of Montana in 1992, Camas is a biannual environmental literary magazine that continues to be  produced by students in the Environmental Studies program. Our goals are to encourage a dialogue on environmental and cultural issues in the West; celebrate the people who work, study, write, and live here; and provide an opportunity for students and emerging writers to publish their work alongside established environmental authors.

Camas welcomes contributions and submissions of essays, poems, fiction, art and photography.  We publish the work of emerging writers alongside pieces by well-known authors such as Rick Bass, Wendell Berry, Edwin Dobb, David James Duncan, John Elder, Derrick Jensen, William Kittredge, Bill McKibben, Ellen Meloy, Janisse Ray, Annick Smith and Kim Todd.

We receive support from the Associated Students of the University of Montana, the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Montana, and many generous individuals and businesses. Thanks especially to all those who have recently purchased or subscribed to our journal.  Please let us know what you think by dropping us a line.



Upcoming Issues

Camas is published bi-annually in Winter and Summer installments.  Each issue emerges from a distinct theme which is meant to be a starting point for conversation and inspiration--not an impediment.  We will review all submissions, so please send us your thoughtful, evocative, and inspired work, no matter how tenuously related to future issues' themes. 




"Camas is a testimonial to the raw, on-the-ground power that continues to rise out of Montana. Not only is there the fine tradition of western writing rooted in this part of the country, but it is growing, stretching, taking more risks, and bearing a greater diversity of voices. I find the words of these students and other writers deeply inspiring. They carry our imagination forward in both idealism and longing, what all readers yearn to find."

- Terry Tempest Williams

"Camas is more than just a thoughtful, lush, and courageous publication.  It is a small community of writers and readers who hold their hope in things bigger than the tin-can stories bouncing around the media.  Camas gives new and emerging environmental writers a place to locate themselves; to practice their skills; and to enter into a world which desperately needs the voices that are telling the biggest stories."

- Alex Johnson, Camas Editor 2010-2011, UM Environmental Studies M.S. Alumnus (2011)

“During my two years with Camas, I served as a contributing member to all four editorial boards (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and photography), acted as lead editor of the fiction board, interned for the Glacier Centennial Issue, was published for the first time, and read to my first audience of strangers.  Before Camas, I told people I wanted to become a writer.  Since Camas, I tell people I am a writer.”

- Beth RaboinCamas Editorial Board Member, UM Environmental Studies M.S. Alumnus (2011)

Camas c/o EVST, Rankin Hall

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812