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The Nature Of The West

Deadlines and Details

Camas publishes two issues each year:

  • A summer issue published in May/June. The deadline is (usually) March 15th. 
  • A winter issue published in December/January.  The deadline is (usually) October 15th.

Camas accepts submissions on a rolling basis.  Submit your work electronically, either by e-mail or by mailing a compact disk. Please send all written submissions as Microsoft Word Documents, not PDFs. PDF files may not be considered. Please specify the genre of your submission. Put your name and contact information (please include your mailing address) on the front page and your name and page number on every page. Photos and artwork should be sent as high resolution images.  Please include a 2-3 sentence biography with your submission.  Camas accepts simultaneous submissions, but please do not send us previously published work.

We are currently seeking submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography, and art for the Summer 2014 issue of Camas. The theme for the issue is Flourish. Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 14.

Submission Genres

Camas seeks writing, photography, and artwork that examines the complex relationships between individuals, communities, and the natural world. Pieces that speak to this complexity of relationships are most likely to be published.

FEATURE:  Features typically require research, interviews, and appropriate history.  They can take the form of essay or article. Length: 2000-3000 words

ESSAYS:  Essays can be personal, philosophical, or humorous in nature, and writers are free to include research, experience, observation, etc. Length: 500-3000 words

FICTION:  Micro fiction, vignettes, and short stories are accepted. Length: 50-3000 words.

POETRY:  Poetry or other non-prose written work of intrigue is accepted. Word count varies.  Please include no more than 5 poems per submission; in submissions of more than 5 poems, the first 5 poems will be considered.

BOOK REVIEWS:  Reviews of recent books in the field of environmental/nature writing, or fiction with a place-based focused, are considered. Please query if you have a book in mind. Length: 500-1200 words.

PHOTOGRAPHY & ARTWORK:  Black and white works are preferred, but high-contrast color pieces are also suitable. Please submit work in as high a resolution as possible (at least 300 dpi; preferably a grayscaled .tif image). Enclose or attach a description of the photo or art as well as any other relevant information.  Photographers are invited to submit photos of humans and human activity in the West.  Vertically-oriented images may be given cover photo consideration.

NOTE: The best way to know what Camas is looking for is by reading the publication itself.  Secure your subscription here.  We look for high-quality work that challenges readers to reinterpret the traditional understanding of environmental literature and art.


We offer a copy of the Camas issue in which your work appears, the opportunity to be published alongside some of the West's most prestigious writers, and our sincere gratitude. Thank you for your interest in Camas. If you have any questions about submissions or writing for Camas, please feel free to email us at

Camas c/o EVST, Rankin Hall

The University of Montana

Missoula, MT 59812