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Behind the scenes_title

buddy shoots
Photographer Buddy Cowart shoots the scenic Missouri River.

paige white balance
Outside of Billings, Paige Browning holds up a white sheet of paper in order to white balance the camera.

pet llamas
Barbara Trego stands by as Laura Wilson, Mike Houchin and Drew Trafton pet her goats on her ranch outside of Helena, MT.

sarah shoots
Photographer Sarah Grant follows Barbara Trego through her home outside of Helena, MT.

locked out
Chief of Photography Mark Wilson, Director Paige Browning and Field Producer Willi Brooks sit outside of the Montana Caregivers Network offices after photographer Carmen Ebert locked her keys inside of her car.

PaigeKatrina Interview.jpg
Director Paige Browning and Field Producer Katrina Heser interview Dr. Beth Klein at Montannabis Inc. in Billings, MT.

Chris Miller interview.jpg
Photographer Carmen Ebert interviews Master Grower Chris Miller of Montana Pain Management in Missoula, MT.