What Employers Look For

Corporate recruiters will usually evaluate an applicant on the following categories. Pay as close attention to the way to answer questions as you would to the content of your answers!
  • Confidence: Assertive, takes initiative, accomplishment-oriented answers, persistent in explanations, and poised in character
  • Communication Skills: Grammar and speech are acceptable for a business environment, thoughts were organized before answering the questions, clear expression of ideas
  • Administrative/Organizational Skills: Able to successfully manage school, work and activities; meets goals; establishes priorities; demonstrates leadership skills
  • Time Management: Able to work within a deadline, conscientious of completing tasks quickly, does not procrastinate, ability to budget time realistically and efficiently
  • Stress Management: Shows ability to cope well while under stressful situations, able to remain composed during length of interview, remains calm when answers were challenged
  • Analytical Skills: Answers showed good attention to detail, supports answers with logical reasoning, demonstrates ability to problem-solve, pays attention to finding a solution
Keep these points in mind as you prepare for your job interview. When practicing mock interviews, have the observer give you feedback on these points.