Mock Interviews

Description of the Interview.

The videotaped mock interview is one of the very best ways to prepare for an actual employment interview. It allows you to gain experience and practice in answering questions which you are likely to be asked by they recruiter and then, by watching the videotape, to see yourself as others see you.

The Career Services staff member who takes the role of the recruiter will try to make the interview as realistic as possible by asking questions that are typical of those that might be asked for the type of position you are seeking. At some point during the interview you will have the opportunity to ask questions that you would ask in an actual interview.

The mock interview takes about twenty minutes; then you will watch it and discuss and critique it. Please allow one hour for the appointment.

Preparation for the Interview.

From Career Services, obtain a list of questions that the interviewer might ask, and think about possible responses. Don't memorize your answers, but be prepared to respond to the interviewer's questions by describing past experiences that will help give the interviewer a better idea of your qualifications. Also obtain a list of interviewee questions.

It would be a good idea either to attend the workshops on interview skill development, prior to scheduling the mock interview, or to watch the interviewing technique videotapes in the Career Services library.

Dress for the mock interview. This is a good chance to try out that new interview suit and to see how it feels and looks. Books on appropriate interview dress are available in the Career Services library.

Be on time, or early, and bring a copy of your resume. Enjoy the experience, and tell your friends. We are certain that you will find this to be an extremely valuable and worthwhile way of developing those necessary and critical interview skills.

Click here for Practice Interview Questions for Teachers.

Click here to download and print the Career Services Mock Interview handout (Microsoft Word Document).

Click here to download and print the Career Services Mock Interview for Teachers handout (Microsoft Word Document).