African American Studies

What Can I Do With A Minor In African American Studies?

African-American Studies at the University of Montana prepares students to speak, write, and think critically about social, cultural, and political dynamics within the African-American community. Students who take the minor are equipped for any job that demands a keen awareness of this country’s racial fracture lines. African-American Studies minors go on to careers in government, law, teaching, non-profit relief, social advocacy, research, and international development.

A Sample of Related Occupations

Types of Employers

Private and Non-profit Organizations
American Friends Service Committee
A. Philip Randolph Institute
Applied Research Center
Children’s Defense Fund
Fisher, Sheehan & Colton
Heifer International
Industrial Areas Foundation
Innocence Project
National Head Start Association
Sentencing Project
Southern Poverty Law Center
Urban League
World Vision

Government Agencies
Attorney General Offices
Department of Education
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Justice
Department of State
Peace Corps
Teach for America
Veterans Administration

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Professional Associations

For additional career information, see the Occupational Outlook Handbook