Diesel Mechanics

What Can I Do With A Degree In Diesel Mechanics?

The Diesel Equipment Technology program prepares students for the field of diesel mechanics. Students train in the areas of engines, power trains, electrical and electronics, brakes-suspension-undercarriage, hydraulics, air conditioning, fuel systems and general education requirements. Students are eligible for a host of opportunities in the field after completion of the program. Students are able to work in heavy truck shops, construction equipment type shops, independent truck and construction shop dealerships, factories/manufacturers, ECT. According to the AED (American Equipment Dealers Association) the United States is experiencing shortages of diesel technicians in the area of 80,000 this year. Some of these shortages are from the expanding field of diesel mechanics and some from the massive baby boomer retirement that is beginning to hit the field and is expected to cause more shortages than what exists today.

A Sample of Related Occupations

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