Electronics Technology

What Can I Do With A Degree In Electronics Technology?

The Electronics Technology program offers a broad-based foundation in electronics starting with the fundamentals of AC and DC electrical theory and culminating in the use and hands-on applications of electronic communications, robotics, and instrumentation. This foundation provides a springboard into the many applications available to the electronics technician, as well as providing a path to further education such as an electronics engineering degree.

Electronics technology is used in almost all occupations and lifestyles, commercial, residential, and industrial: automotive control systems, television, radio, entertainment systems, home appliances, computers, satellite communications, public address systems, fire and life safety systems, and hand-held devices of all kinds. The list is truly endless. Try to find some aspect of your life that does not incorporate electronics technology.

Electronics technicians perform a myriad of tasks, which range from preventive maintenance inspections to major repairs, from installations to design and engineering, from prototyping to finished product. The possibilities for employment are as wide-ranging as the applications for electronics technology is vast. Graduates from this program are employed, or have been employed, as electronics technicians, application engineers, field engineers, project managers, supervisors, managers, and business owners throughout Montana and across the United States.

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