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The Liberal Studies Program seeks to foster a critical understanding of the Western humanistic tradition through the study of its texts; a critical understanding of religion through the study of religious texts and traditions; and a broader perspective on both literary and religious texts and traditions by placing them in historical, social and political contexts, and in connection with non-Western cultures. In accordance with these goals, the Liberal Studies Program attaches high importance to the ability to read carefully, write clearly and cogently, with subtlety and accuracy, and in particular to the art of careful argumentation. Positions in the “information economy” to which these important skills apply may be well suited to a Liberal Studies graduate.  The Liberal Studies Bachelor of Arts Program offers students the opportunity to work in a combination of disciplines in the humanities, including literature, philosophy, and history, as well as in neighboring fields.  UM’s Liberal Studies Program offers four options: General Humanities, Asian Studies, Religious Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies.

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