What Can I Do With A Major In Management?

A major in management can lead to a variety of careers found in all varieties of industries. Our management students specialize in one of four areas, human resource management, entrepreneurship, entertainment management or international business. All have related job opportunities. Many of these careers involve planning, directing, and coordinating the activities of a company. Often individuals are trained or specialize in a functional area such as accounting, marketing, finance, or human resources. A management major provides the skills to oversee the work of others by building cooperation and performance among workers. Work may involve analyzing problems, making decisions, delegating assignments, training and supervising staff, budgeting and coordinating activities.

Management majors can be employed in various sectors (government, the not-for-profit sector, education, or private industry). Any large organization with direct authority for a functional area (sales, finance, accounting) have line management positions. People employed in activities that support these functions (human resources) hold staff management positions.

Management trainee positions are typically available in the manufacturing, retail, hotel/restaurant, banking, and insurance industries. A training program may last six to twelve months, allowing trainees exposure to the various functional areas within a company. Many people enter management positions with a bachelor's degree. However, a master's in business administration is essential in some areas for advancement.

Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability through internships, responsible work experience, good grades, and involvement in college activities.

A Sample of Related Occupations