Political Science

What Can I Do With A Major In Political Science?

Political Scientists observe and participate in the world's political and legal institutions, from local governments to international organizations. They are interested in the legitimacy and effectiveness of governing processes, the quality of political leadership, the values that underlie the practice of public affairs, and the wisdom of public policies.

Political Science graduates typically find careers in law, government service, political parties, interest groups and associations, education, business, journalism, and private or non-profit organizations. The rich variety of specialized sub-fields within Political Science allows students in-depth study in: 1) American government and public law; 2) comparative government; 3) political theory; 4) international relations, law and organizations; and 5) public policy and public administration. In addition to the substantive knowledge of Political Science, majors develop sound research ability as well as strong oral and written communication skills.  Majors are also encouraged to enhance their study through student political clubs, internships, study abroad, public service, and picking up additional skills in foreign languages, statistics and computer technology.

Because many careers do not require a major in a specific area, Political Science majors are generally competitive and successful because their kinds of substantive background and range of skills are desired by employers. Because of the increasing demands of the job market, advanced degrees in Political Science may further strengthen one's attractiveness to potential employers.

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