What Can I Do With A Major In Psychology?

Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior. It seeks to understand and explain both normal and abnormal behavior, mental ability, perception, development, and individual differences. Because it considers the mental, attitudinal, motivational, and behavioral characteristics of individuals, psychology has many subdivisions and areas of specialization and is a more complex field than many realize. Among the major sub-branches within psychology are behavioral neuroscience, cognitive, clinical, educational, social, developmental, and organizational psychology, as well as psychometrics and statistics.

Psychology majors find jobs in social service agencies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, rehabilitation centers, and correctional institutions. They also find jobs in business and industry in market research, public relations, customer service, management, advertising, human resources, and sales.

While many psychology graduates work in a related occupation and obtain an advanced degree, others choose another direction. Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability through internships, responsible work experience, good grades, and involvement in college activities.

A Sample of Related Occupations

Types of Employers

Private and Non-Profit Organizations

Adoption and Child Care Agencies
Advertising Agencies
Personnel Agencies
Publishing Firms
Correctional Agencies
Radio/TV Stations
Educational Institutions
Real Estate Agencies
Religious Organizations
Labor Unions
Management Consulting Firms
Retail Stores
Market Research Firms
Substance Abuse Clinics
Mental Health Clinics
Social Service Agencies

Government Agencies

Civil Rights Commission
Foreign Service
Consumer Affairs Office
Health and Human Services
County Probation Office
Labor Department
Division of Youth and Family Services
Peace Corps/VISTA
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Veterans Administration

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