• Welcome Parents
    Career Services and parents of UM students share a common goal - to help your student prepare for and make sound career decisions. We understand and appreciate the value of your input to assist your son or daughter with making career decisions. Career Services has a variety of services designed to help your student make good choices regarding majors and career opportunities.
  • Career Counseling
    Career Counseling can help students focus their choices based on personality, interest and skill assessments as well as through one-on-one sessions with a professional career counselor. For students who think they know what they want to major in, career counseling can confirm their choice and also allow them to fully explore the career options available.
  • Student Employment Services
    Career Services recognizes the importance of a part-time job in a college student's life and has streamlined the hiring process for both students and employers. Students are able to search for work study, non-work study, as well as volunteer opportunities at the Student Employment web site.
  • Experience through Internships
    Sometimes, the best way to decide if a particular career will be suitable is to "try it on for size." This is possible through our internship program. Students work at positions related to their major, receive better-than-average pay, and also qualify for academic credit. For more information students can contact Internship Services to inquire about internship requirements.

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