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For Alumni

What is Griz e-Recruiting?

For UM alumni
Career Services and Alumni Association have partnered to provide Griz eRecruiting, a system designed to assist with your career preparation and job search. Griz eRecruiting consists of three basic components. How can Griz eRecruiting be helpful in my job and internship search?

  • Online job postings: Career Services maintains a web-based job posting system that is available to you 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week. Jobs are added to this system daily. You can search, view and apply for jobs or right out of the Griz eRecruiting system.
  • On-campus recruiting program: Many employers visit the UM campus to conduct job interviews. With Griz eRecruiting, you can find out which employers are visiting campus and sign-up for interviews. In order to interview with recruiters on campus, you MUST be registered with Griz eRecruiting.
  • Resumes and referral to employers: Griz eRecruiting allows you to store mulitple versions of your resume or cover letter for use in your job search. When you apply for a position through Griz eRecruiting, your resume serves as your application. You can print off a hard copy of your resume for any part-time, volunteer, or full-time job searches you may be conducting on your own.
  • It also allows you to submit your resume electronically into a database used by Career Services to match candidates with employers´ needs. When employers have an immediate hiring need and ask about potential candidates, we can search the resume database to find candidates who match the employers´ requirements and the employer may contact you individually.
How do I register for Griz eRecruiting?

  • Before you can access the system you will need to go to the Student Registration Page to receive a Username and Password for your Griz eRecruiting account. After completing this form, wait 24 hours and then return to the Career Services site ( and click on Griz eRecruiting.
How can I get my resume in the online database?

  • Complete and organize a rough draft of your resume. Visit the Career Services Online Resume Writing Guide to assist you in getting started. Consider scheduling a resume critique with a Career Services or Internship Services counselor.
  • When your resume is complete log into Griz eRecruiting and upload your resume.
  • View our online Web Registration/Resume Instructions for detailed instructions.
How do I view and sign-up for on-campus interviews?

*Remember: Griz eRecruiting is only part of your search. It can not take the place of all other job search techniques such as networking, research, job fairs and information interviews.

Registered? Enter UM's Griz eRecruiting System