Non-Work Study

What is Non-Work Study?

Regular Non-Work Study student employment positions are available in several university departments and offices as well as off-campus. Non-Work Study student employment differs from the Federal Work-Study Program in that students do not need to qualify on the basis of need and the employing department is responsible for 100 percent of the student's wages.

A full-time undergraduate student is one who is registered for 12 (twelve) credit hours. A full-time graduate student is one who is registered for 9 (nine) credit hours. A student must be registered for at least 6 (six) credit hours to be classified as a student employee. Recent IRS regulation changes state that a student employee carrying at least 6 credit hours will be exempt from FICA taxes.

If the individual was enrolled for the required 6 or more credit hours during the Spring semester an/or is enrolled for at least 6 credit hours for Fall semester, but is not enrolled for summer classes, he/she may still be classified as a Non-Work Study employee during the summer (May 22nd through August 21st). He/she will be charged FICA during this period.

Any student who fails to maintain the required minimum 6 credit hours during any academic-year semester must be terminated as a Non-Work Study employee immediately. A student who graduates must also be terminated as a student employee immediately upon graduating.