Appreciation - Ways to Celebrate

Inexpensive Activities for larger groups of student workers:
  • Have a Chip & Dip Party
  • Build your own Ice Cream Sundae Party. Bring in a couple of different flavors, toppings, nuts, maybe some strawberries. This is something the whole department could take part in.
  • Have a Pizza Party. Designate a day when the whole staff can get together and order pizza. Include soda and chips and you're in for a good time!
  • Bring in a sheet cake, cupcakes, or brownies. Have a Dessert Party!
  • Organize a Potluck Luncheon to be held in the office. Again, the entire department can take part.
  • Collect assorted goodies (cookies, chocolates, crackers, cheeses, candy, toiletries) and make a Care Package for your students.
  • Wrap up small bags of jellybeans, chocolate eggs, etc. tie with a ribbon..
  • 'Good Egg Award' - Buy plastic Easter eggs, fill with goodies and give out with "Good Egg Certificates". List what the students did to deserve this award.
  • Have the staff sign a Thank-You Card for the students.
  • Decorate an office bulletin board or the office door for the week in recognition of your student employees. With pictures!!!!
  • Notes Home – Send a note to the families of your Student Employees. Let them know what the student does, how their work impacts your department, and how terrific the student is.
  • Purchase an Advertisement in The Kaimin to recognize your student employees. Include pictures!!
Somewhat more expensive activities for offices with fewer students:
  • Take your student(s) to lunch.
  • Present them with a gift bearing the UM or Grizzly Logo (pen, sweatshirt, hat, etc.)
  • Give them Movie Passes for two! So they can bring a friend!
Further Assistance and Suggestions
  • If you need any further assistance or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to call Alexandria Harris at 243-2239.