2017 Student Employee of the Year

Congratulations, Ryan MacNeill

Student Employee of the Month Ryan MacNeill holds his framed certificate

Ryan MacNeill is our 2017 Student Employee of the Year! He is a strong student leader who strives to produce excellent quality work on campus and in the community. For the last three years, he has worked for Residence Life and performed in roles that require a high level of reliability, a supportive attitude, and good role modeling.

The uniqueness that Ryan brings to Residence Life is that he has held a variety of positions in the department while also being a student with a full-time course load. He has been a Resident Assistant, a painter, a Winter RA, and a Community Development Coordinator- all for three dedicated years. Ryan is well known in the department and well liked by his student staff because of his sense of humor, energy, and attitude.

He is not only committed to his job with Residence Life, but also to seeking out and participating in professional development opportunities. Ryan is very involved both on-and off-campus with activities such as planning and presenting at CDC training, RA training, and the DiverseU and Not in Our State conferences, being part of professional staff search committees, and co-advising Residence Life’s Community Service Committee.

Not only did Ryan win the University of Montana Student Employee of the Year award, but he also won the State of Montana Student Employee of the Year award as well! Congratulations Ryan and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the University of Montana!