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Amanda moved to Missoula from Colorado Springs, Colorado. From an early age she knew she was interested in Forensics and when the time came to start looking at colleges and universities, she narrowed her search to schools that offered Forensic programs. While looking into careers in Forensics she discovered Physical Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology. Those subjects aligned with her specific interests within Forensics so she began looking at schools with strong Anthropology programs. She was accepted to several universities, but chose the University of Montana because the program, location, and atmosphere were more desirable than the other universities.

Amanda is unique in that she knew exactly what she wanted to major in when she came to the University of Montana and has not changed course since arriving here. She describes herself as a nerdy kid who would have rather watched Forensic Files than the Disney Channel. Though Amanda stayed the course in her educational pursuits, she also realized she would have to do much more than get good grades if she wanted a career in Forensic Anthropology (a field with much competition for a limited number of job opportunities). She got a part-time job working in the Anthropology department, became a research assistant in the Forensics Lab, and enrolled in a Field School in Poland for the summer of 2013. She applied for and was awarded membership as a Student Affiliate in the American Association of Forensic Science and attended the annual conference in Seattle. Amanda says she owes special thanks to Dr. Ashley McKeown, her advisor, internship supervisor, and mentor; “I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her the past four years.” She is graduating with honors this spring and recently received associate membership in the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners. This summer she is enrolled in another field school through Arizona State University in Kampsville, Illinois, with world-renowned Dr. Jane Buikstra.  In the fall she will begin graduate studies at the University of Reno’s Anthropology program.

When asked how Career Services has helped her, she responded “How haven’t they helped!” She explained that she first visited Lommasson Suite 154 to work with TRiO and then felt more comfortable working with the other offices in the space as well. She encourages anyone to seek assistance from Career Services because of the wide array of services offered.