Kellyn is currently studying Wildlife Biology, serving as the secretary for the UM chapter of the Wildlife Society, and working at the MPG Ranch as a Camera Tech documenting wildlife and maintaining and scouting camera locations.

Kellyn is originally from the small, Northern California town Sebastopol, but she dreamed of moving to Montana nearly her entire life. Originally drawn to Montana with the dream of owning a ranch and horses, Kellyn fell in love with the natural beauty of Montana, the people, and the academic programs at The University of Montana. In the fall of 2012, she relocated to Missoula. Kellyn originally struggled with her choice to major in Wildlife Biology, because she felt it would be a difficult degree to complete in four years, the curriculum is intense, and she was worried that career opportunities would be limited. After some reflection, she came to the conclusion that Wildlife Biology had long been her favorite area (she volunteered as a Wildlife Rescue Aide through middle and high school). After making her decision, she realized it was the right choice for her.

As a Wildlife Biology student, Kellyn is focused on building her experience in the field. Soon after declaring her major she got involved in extracurricular and out of classroom activities, working as an undergraduate research assistant, and interning with the Avian Science Center summer 2013. Currently Kellyn is working for MPG Ranch as a camera tech for the northern region. Here she is in charge of all still and video images taken in the Seeley Lake region. She will be starting a blog with the five best images each week, which will include scientific captioning. She is also serving as the secretary for the UM Wildlife Society. She discovered both of these positions by actively engaging with her clubs and academic program.

Out-of-classroom experiences and learning opportunities are essential to success in any field, and Kellyn took this fact to heart. Knowing she needed to become actively involved as soon as possible, she visited with her professors and asked about research and internship opportunities. By taking initiative and advocating for herself, Kellyn was chosen for the research position, the summer 2013 internship, her officer position, and the job with MPG Ranch. Kellyn stated that the most surprising experience on her journey so far has been the amount of support available to students, “Once you talk to one person they connect you to another and it becomes like roots. Once you’re connected it’s so easy to get involved and so many people want to help you on your journey. Plus, it’s fun!”

Kellyn met with Career Services during her career education decision making process and for assistance in building a resume and cover letter for her summer internship. She appreciated that Career Services helped her create a targeted resume and cover letter clearly illustrating how her previous experiences were relevant and transferrable to the position for which she was applying. She also appreciated Career Services’ reassurance that she was on the right track when creating her application materials, or making important decisions. She also commented that, “It’s free! I don’t know why more people don’t come here.”