Carnivores Classic

“This thing is big, I mean, it’s so big it could be mistaken for a small building! It’s Montana big! The Missoula College Asado grill; that we are fabricating is a WORLDS FIRST!”

Dallas Anderson, 2nd year welding student and Levi Bessette 1st year welding student - Missoula College.

Introducing the Second Annual 

Carnivores Classic at the Montana Food Festival!

A benefit for the Missoula College Culinary Arts Program at the Missoula County Fairgrounds (in conjunction with the Fairgrounds 100 year anniversary.)

Here’s what’s happening:

May 24th kicks off BBQ week in Missoula. Participating restaurants will show off their best recipes with specials featuring their unique take on the BBQ season.

Friday Night, May 29th. Join us Friday evening as we fire up the enormous Asado Grill and enjoy some entertainment on the big screen at the first ever Drive In Grill Out Theater. For just $25 per car, you can take a trip back in time and enjoy an old fashioned drive in movie theater. If you would like to bring your grill and tailgate before and during the movie we welcome it. There will be a cash bar courtesy of the Rhino. The event will kick off with the firing of the enormous Asado Grill at 5:00 pm and the firing of the Axmen bowling ball cannon. The Asado Grill will be loaded with a steer, pigs, chickens a lamb and salmon. Contestants from the Kansas City BBQ society will begin their all night cook. Call the Axmen at 406-728-7020 for more details.

Also, there are still limited tickets available to The Culinary Event of the Year, our exclusive VIP Gala. See how the historic fairgrounds commercial building transforms into a radiant dining hall where you will experience a French Bistro Menu prepared by the students from our Culinary Arts Program. Festivities begin at 5:30 pm,  tickets are $150 per person. 

Saturday, May 30th. “Barbecue from Around the World”. This grand buffet prepared by the students of the Culinary Arts Program will have at it’s centerpiece the roast of an entire steer prepared Asado-style! The public is invited to purchase tickets to the event and dig into the Asado buffet, a sampling of specialty drinks from Montana distilleries, live music, on stage culinary demonstrations and finally, the awards! The winner the Kansas City Barbecue Society will be crowned for this sanctioned event.

More Information:

As plans for the new Missoula College campus are being finalized, the Culinary Arts Program is planning to raise over $150,000 in designated funds for their program to help defray building and equipment costs of state of the art equipment for our new facility. A large part of the funding will come from our hosting Carnivores Classic at the Montana Food Festival.  

 If you would like additional information about our Culinary Arts Program, or would be interested in helping in any way, please contact us. We are always happy to talk!