2013-2014 Course Catalog

The University Of Montana

College of Visual and Performing Arts

Stephen Kalm, Dean

The College of Visual and Performing Arts is a comprehensive professional school committed to leadership in teaching, scholarship, professional performance and service at state, regional, national and international levels. The College is comprised of outstanding artist/faculty/scholars, staff and administrative personnel, all of whom are committed to providing a challenging, positive educational environment for students as well as an atmosphere characterized by collegiality, cooperation and interdependence.

The mission of the College of Visual and Performing Arts is to serve the University, the State of Montana, and the nation as a cultural center of national significance and as a leader in the performing and visual arts, arts education, and new media and technologies. In pursuit of this mission the College seeks to:

The College of Visual and Performing Arts offers an integrated arts and education masters program entitled the Creative Pulse.  Offered during Summer sessions, the program is designed to develop Masters Teachers in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities.  For more information on the College of Visual and Performing Arts, visit www.umt.edu/umarts