2013-2014 Course Catalog

The University Of Montana

School of Law

Irma S. Russell, Dean

Andrew King-Ries, Associate Dean

The Law School is accredited by the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools, and offers the degree of Juris Doctor (J.D.). Prerequisites for admission to the Law School are a baccalaureate degree and Law School Admission Test.

For detailed information concerning the Law School’s admission criteria, application procedures, facilities, and official course descriptions, consult the Law School Catalog, which may be obtained by calling (406)243-6169 or visiting the Law School website.

The Law School’s administrative regulations are contained in the Law School Student Handbook, which is on the website. The Law School conforms in most instances to the calendar established for the entire University. There are some differences, however, because the Law School operates on a different (and longer) semester system than the rest of the University.

Academic Year Calendar

Access the Law School Academic Calendar via the page at this URL:  http://www.umt.edu/law/students/2012-2013AcademicCalendar.php

Required Curriculum

First Year Credits
500 Civil Procedure I 3
501 Civil Procedure II 2
502 Contracts I 3
503 Contracts II 2
504 Pretrial Advocacy I 2
505 Pretrial Advocacy II 1
506 Legal Research 2
508 Legal Analysis 1
509 Legal Writing I 3
510 Criminal Law & Proc I 2
511 Criminal Law & Proc II 3
512 Torts I 2
513 Torts II 3
Second Year Credits
550 Property I 2
551 Property II 3
552 Federal Tax(may be taken third year) 3
554 Business Organizations 3
555 Professional Responsibility 3
556 Business Transactions 2
557 Trial Practice 2
558 Constitutional Law 4
560 Evidence 3
Electives (see below)
Third Year Credits
(minimum of 4 credits required)
599 Clinical Training II 1-8
600 Clinical Training III 1-6
601 Clinical Training IV 1-6
Electives (see below)

Elective Courses

(Elective offerings vary from year to year)



Bari R. Burke, J.D., University of California, Davis, 1979

J. Martin Burke, LL.M., New York University, 1982

Scott J. Burnham, LL.M., New York University, 1981

William J. Corbett, LL.M., Harvard University, 1971

Raymond Cross, J.D., Yale University, 1973

William F. Crowley, LL.M., New York University, 1951 (Emeritus)

E. Edwin Eck II, LL.M., Georgetown University (Dean)

Larry M. Elison, S.J.D.,University of Michigan,1962 (Emeritus)

Cynthia Ford, J.D., Cornell Law School, 1978

Gregory S. Munro, J.D., University of Montana, 1975

Robert G. Natelson, J.D., Cornell Law School, 1973

David J. Patterson, LL.M., University of Michigan, 1966

Fritz Snyder, J.D., Washburn School of Law, 1979 (Associate Dean)

Robert E. Sullivan, J.D., Notre Dame, 1946 (Dean Emeritus)

Associate Professors

Elaine Gagliardi, LL,M., New York University, 1990

Stacey Gordon, J.D., University of Montana, 2000

Jeffrey T. Renz, J.D., University of Montana, 1979

Assistant Professors

Phillip Cousineau, MLS., University of Texas, 1993

Eduardo Capulong, J.D. City University of New York Law School, 1991

Larry Howell, J.D., M.A., The University of Montana, 1992

Kristen Juras, J.D., University of Georgia, 1982

Andrew King-Ries, J.D., Washington University, 1993

Elizabeth Krunk, J.D., University of Michigan, 2001

John W. McDonald, J.D., University of Montana, 1961

Jeffrey T Renz, J.D.,University of Montana, 1979

Maylinn Smith, J.D., University of Montana, 1987

Margaret A. Tonon, J.D., University of Montana, 1974

Adjunct Faculty

David Aronofsky, J.D., University of Texas, 1982

Klaus Sitte, J.D., University of Montana, 1972