2013-2014 Course Catalog

The University Of Montana

Department of Management Information Systems

Belva L. Jones, Chair

The Department of Management Information Systems offers a major in Management Information Systems within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Management Information Systems Major

The management information systems curriculum prepares students to manage an organization’s information resources. The major focuses on:
1) analyzing and managing the flows of information within and across the organization’s business processes;
2) effectively managing the acquisition and utilization of information technology; and
3) using both information and information technology to enhance the organization’s strategic advantage.

The knowledge and skills developed in the curriculum lead to careers in consulting, programming, systems analysis and design, database administration, electronic commerce, telecommunications, network administration, and project management.

Basic Requirements for Management Information Systems Major
Required: Credits
BMIS 365 (MIS 371) Business Applications Development 3
BMIS 370 (MIS 370) Managing Information and Data 3
BMIS 372 (MIS 372) Information Infrastructures 3
BMIS 373 (MIS 373) Systems Analysis and Design 3
BMIS 476 (MIS 476) Integrated Project Management for IS 3
BMIS 498 (MIS 498) Internship or BMIS 495 (MIS 491) Information Systems Practicum  3
Choose two courses (6 credits) from the following:
BMIS 471 (MIS 471) Fundamentals of Network Management 3
BMIS 472 (MIS 472) Advanced Network Management 3
BMIS 478 (MIS 478) Electronic Commerce a Managerial Prospective 3
BMIS 479 (MIS 479) Introduction to Consulting 3
BMIS 491 (MIS 495) Special Topics(up to 6 credits)
BMIS 492 (MIS 496) Independent Study (up to 6 credits)
BMKT 460 (MKTG 460) Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations 3
ACTG 321 (ACCT 310) Accounting Information Systems I (coreq., ACTG 203) 3
Upper-division computer science (up to 6 credits)
C&I 341 Information Management and Design 3
EDU 472 (C&I 444) Advanced Technology and Supervision 3
CS 181 Electronic Publishing on the World Wide Web 3
M 361 (MATH 381) Discrete Optimization 3
M 362 (MATH 382) Linear Optimization 3

NOTE: Students completing their major with lower-division classes still must earn a total of 39 upper-division credits to fulfill University requirements. Management Information Systems majors must take BMIS 476 (MIS 476): Project Management at The University of Montana-Missoula.

UG Certificate Programs

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