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Staff Directory

Todd BuildingGeneral Information

School of Extended & Lifelong Learning
The University of Montana
32 Campus Dr.
Missoula, MT  59812


Located on the top floor of the Todd Building at The University of Montana.  Campus MapArea Map.   

SELL Administration and Facility

Roger Maclean Dean 406.243.2983
Beth Burman Frazee Marketing Director 406.243.6721
Hailey Faust Graphic Designer II 406.243.6682
Christa Forman Digital Design Specialist 406.243.4681
Joe Gough Manager of Facility & Conference Center 406.243.6322
Deb Graham Division Manager & Accounting Services 406.243.4611
Gary Hagler Custodian 406.243.2331
Jacqueline A. Hofmann Director of Administration & Personnel Operations 406.243.6832
Rick Hughes Director of SELL Academic Affairs 406.243.4515
Marvin Paulson Computer Support Specialist II 406.243.6394
Janie Spencer Program Manager 406.243.2705

Conference Planning Services

Michelle Quinn Program Manager, Conference Planning Services 406.243.4866
Amy Saltzman Conference Coordinator 406.243.4623
Michelle Eckert Conference Coordinator  406.243.6842

MOLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at The University of Montana

Eileen Flannigan Program Coordinator 406.243.2905
Elizabeth Schmidt Program Staff 406.243.2905

Summer Semester, Wintersession & Extended Programs

  Program Director 406.243.6431  
Clare Kelly Program Coordinator, Extended Programs 406.243.6496
Holly Kulish Program Manager, Extended Programs 406.243.4168
Jeff Wimett Program Manager, Wintersession & Summer Semester  406.243.4470


Robert Squires Director of Instructional Design &
Technical Support
Computer Software Engineer I 406.243.4556
Nancy Clouse Instructional Designer 406.243.5815
Mike Gaab Computer Software Engineer 406.243.6373
John Venters Computer Support Specialist 406.243.4123
Marlene Zentz Instructional Designer 406.243.6434
UMOnline Tech Support 406.243.4999

  • School of Extended & Lifelong Learning
  • The University of Montana
  • 32 Campus Drive
  • Missoula, MT  59812
  • Phone: (406) 243-2900
  • Fax: (406) 243-2047
  • Email: