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SELL Solar Panels

Sustainability Efforts

For several years, the Princeton Review has saluted The University of Montana as one of the nation’s most environmentally responsible “green colleges.” The School of Extended & Lifelong Learning strives to be a leader in sustainability initiatives on campus.  Our green initiatives range from physical changes such as reducing hard copy materials at conferences and eliminating the use of bottled water to attitudinal changes such as promoting online learning and sharing information electronically.  Our most visible sustainability undertaking has been the installation of solar panels and energy monitoring.

SELL Solar Panels

Installed in 2011, UM’s James E. Todd Building sports 10 operating solar panels that can produce up to 2,300 watts of power. The building joins the student-run Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology house in the fledgling ranks of UM’s “solar club,” becoming the first auxiliary building on campus to sport solar panels.  The solar panels will serve to “foster inquiry, learning and applied research” via an energy-monitoring system that tracks how much power the system produces throughout the day.

Sustainability Logo

Real-Time Energy Data

The real-time data for the SELL Solar Panels can be viewed online at

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