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Master-Level Beekeeping Course

This is the final course in the Master Beekeeping Certificate Program. This course will take a detailed look into the life cycles of the various honey bee pests, ailments, and predators, and will prepare the student to develop their own preventative techniques. This course will also cover migratory beekeeping to maximize pollination potential, establishing apiaries for multiple hives, and making "nuc" hives and packaging for selling. This course will provide detailed insights into the properties of honey as well as marketing techniques for all hive productivity. Completion of this course will qualify the student as a Master Beekeeper. Open to those who have completed the Apprentice- and Journeyman-Level Courses.

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Master-Level Beekeeping Course

Course Dates



Jerry Bromenshenk, Scott Debnam & Phil Welch





Fort Missoula Research Complex and Apiary
Missoula, MT

CEU/Academic Credit


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